Take Note Bug with multiple desktops

After I use the Take Note shortcut from a program in a desktop other than the one that DenonNote is active on, the Location and/or Tag drop-down(s) will remains visible.

It stays in the center of most desktops until a note is taken from the DN desktop, or you Quit the program. Going back and forth clears the text in the drop-downs, but still the empty choices from the drop-down remain in the forefront of the desktops.

I said most, but not all. Not in Mail, iTunes, Safari, nor the Dashboard, but always in the DN desktop, and all other “non-full screen mode” desktops.

I just tested prior to posting, and it also will vanish if you simply activate any drop-down selection from the DN desktop. Not a terrible work-around, I suppose.

I have screen-shots if required. :frowning: