"take note" bug


I have a problem that when I choose “take note” from the menu, the note appears partially-in, partially-out of the top, right-hand corner of my screen. (See Screenshot attached). I’ve tried to fix it but can’t. Any suggestions?

Thank you.
ScreenshotNOTEISSUE.tiff (449 KB)

I had this happen before by my own mistake by moving the window mostly off-screen. The window settings for the HUD window are stored in the preference file ‘com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2’. If you have a recent backup of your preferences file, you might try restoring it and see if the window appears fully on-screen.

I’m afraid I don’t. This has been going on for some time and all my backups would have preference files where the notes window was off the screen. Any other suggestions?

Thanks again…

You could always delete the preference file and start from scratch. I’d take screenshots of each preference pane first, to quickly set the new preferences to match your existing settings. However, before I would try that I would wait until tomorrow to see if someone from D-tech has a better suggestion-they are probably all gone for the day now.

Well, if you open com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist, there is a key NSWindow Frame Default.sorter, which is a series of suggestive-looking numbers. I’d play with that (and copy the plist file somewhere else first just in case).

If you are ambitious enough to edit the plist file, you will need to edit the preference file I mentioned above. The NSWindow Frame settings in the Sorter’s preference file do not have any bearing on the Take Note HUD window called in the main application using the ‘Tools>Take Note…’ command.

Personally, I’m too afraid to manually muck in plist files myself, but then I have a low comfort level!

Me too, to scared to f-up the cogs and gears of the program. Perhaps the DT Team can help? Please…?

Oops, I had misunderstood the problem.

At any rate, in case you get impatient, open
in a text editor and edit the entry

	<key>NSWindow Frame TakeNote.Window</key>
	<string>668 591 400 239 0 0 1680 1028 </string>

(change the numbers). Seems to do the job here (but I am not responsible if it explodes your machine :smiling_imp: ).

…a deal with the devil if ever I heard one! Thanks for the suggestion. I may cautiously try one day if I get really desperate. Until then I’ll wait to hear from DT about a more certain, and hopefully safer, sounding solution.
Thanks for taking the time…

OK, the window can also be manipulated via applescript. This

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set wnd to window named "Take Note"
	set bounds of wnd to {816, 64, 1214, 303}
end tell

should do the job (I assume you have a 1280 by 800 or more monitor; run it with the Take Note window open).

As before, explosions etc are not my fault… But this does it via DT’s applescript interface, so I imagine it’s safe.