Take Note Custom Template

I would find it helpful if Take Note could be given an optional, custom template. For example, if we make an RTF template named “Take Note.rtf” in the Templates.noindex folder then Take Note would use that template. Ideally, the Take Note template would enable the template placeholders (%date%, %time%, and so forth). One example: if the clipboard contained an image, and the template used the %styledClipboard% placeholder, we would get the image in the note. (Look at the Help file and search Template for more info on the placeholders.)

All of the existing features in Take Note would continue to work as-is, and a custom Take Note.rtf template would not be required. Of course, because the Take Note.rtf template is in the Templates folder, it would be available inside DT as well.

Would anyone else find this useful?

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Yes, I would find it useful. It would address the option to have notes default to plain text for DEVONthink To Go compatibility, as was requested here.

Yes, because with DT as it is now, a valid template could be Take Note.txt as well as Take Note.rtf. Either would work. (As well as Take Note.dtTemplate, or Take Note.templatescriptd - the latter incorporating a script in the bundle). Whatever doc type exists in the Templates folder would be used (perhaps with a default to .rtf if many exist).