take plain note keyboard shortcut

I have no idea what’s going on, but whenever I type command shift 9, for take plain note in the services menu, the computer responds my replacing my text with the letter c.

QuicKeys is turned off.

Any ideas?

Sorry, I can only respond that the Command-( (Command-Shift-9) Service call does capture a plain text note of the selected text, on my computer.

Do you see any related Console message(s) when you invoke the keyboard shortcut?

Thanks Bill. I’ve checked the logs; quit everything else that is running; visited the keyboard prefs pane… and will now have to resort to the new-user technique unless DevTools has something that will show me system-wide keystrokes.

Does the menu command work? In menu bar, DEVONthink Pro > Services > DEVONthink Pro > Take Plain Note.

If so, perhaps some other application as taken over that keyboard shortcut.

If not, try logout/login to make certain Services were “hooked up” after installation of the DEVONthink Pro application.

Yep, the direct menu command worked.

I found it just a minute ago: I’d looked what I thought was everywhere, including the /library/inputmanagers and so on.

Turns out I’d installed (& thought I removed) SpellCatcher. And in turn, they have changed their input routines to a Component… and I’d not looked in the components folder.

All is well - mystery solved.

Thanks for your help; sorry for the wasted bandwidth.