Take Rich Note enhancements

The “Take Rich Text note” function is great, but it seems to suffer from a slight defect, which diminishes its usefulness a bit. This is that it offers you a limited number of possibilities to manipulate your note before consigning it to your inbox. You can change the title, assign tags and select database and group. But you can’t manipulate the note itself.
What I would like to do would be to select an area of text from somewhere, a quotation, and add something to that text to explain what it is and something of its context. In order to do this, it seems I have to go to the group where I have sent it, open up the note, and edit it. All of which takes from the convenience of using Take Rich Text note. It almost seems better to open the Sorter, open a new note, drag in the selected text, make the edits, assign the title and tags (if you want). But using this technique you don’t have the same possibility to choose the group, since it is only the groups that are in the sorter that show up.
It seems that solution A suffers from some defects, and solution B suffers from others.
Maybe there is a solution C that I haven’t thought of. To my mind, the simplest solution would be to have the option to have Take Rich Text note bring up a small window, where you could edit the note before going on to choose name, tags and group.
Have I missed something, or is this something that could be considered a feature request?


I like Declan’s idea, and believe not everyone has the same comments or amendments they would like to make to these Take Rich Text Notes. If we could assign a document template to Take Rich Text Note, then one could basically define their own note structure, or have multiple structures - each serving a particular context (I’m taking notes in Scribd and want to use commenting template “Foo”, I’m taking notes from the LOC catalog … , I’m taking notes on the Economist …). For templates - think something like the Data > New From Template > Journal Entry template, and so forth. The clipped text would be added to the template.

To extend this further along Declan’s lines, if there were an optional checkbox in the clipper to “Open Note”, then the note could be created (using our template), saved, and opened for editing – either in DT or in our assigned external RTF editor.

I’d find it very helpful if these features were built into the HUD for take-note, but all of this is also possible by merely adjusting one of the existing annotation scripts and using it on a system-wide level. It’s also very similar to the (much more extensive) functionality available with Zotero.

Have you tried assigning a shortcut to the Take Note feature of the Sorter? From everything that you mention, this will do what you want as (unlike bringing up Take Note from the Sorter) you can choose any group from any open database.