Take Rich Note in 2.0?


Does anyone know if the “command-)” shortcut for “take rich note” still works in DT 2.0? I can’t seem to access it through Safari like I used to, and I like the immediacy of it…

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Yes, the “take rich note” keyboard shortcut still works.

Here’s a list of situations that might have made it ineffective on your computer:

  • The DT application should be installed in Applications
  • After initial installation of the DT application, logout/login or restart is needed
  • Another application (or another copy of DT) may have “hijacked” the shortcut

Go to System Prefs>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts>Services and make sure they are enabled. I have somehow accidentally disabled mine twice. :blush:

Thank you both! Restarting worked, but it’s good to know about the Services reset as well.

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