'Take rich note' no longer capturing URL in Pro?

I have been using the service ‘take rich note’ (Cmd-shfit-rparenthesis) for capturing selections from just about anything that accesses services. Great thing was it captured the URL from Safari, too, in the field above the text.

But not under Pro (as far as I can tell).

Any suggestions? instructions?


Log out and back in and see if the DT services are replaced with DTPro services. I was tired last night but, as I recall, that’s what I did. You’ll also need to replace all the old DT scripts, folder actions, print action (“print to DEVONThink”), etc., with the new ones provided.


Yep, already did that Bob.

Good point but it doesn’t work for me. The only way I can get DTPro to show the URL is to capture the page from within DT Pro.

Incidentally, the Info window (cmd-I) does not display the URL when captured in Pro either. But all the captures I made in PE retain that information.

This is a regression, in my view. Hope it’s something that can be easily restored.


It’s not a regression, just a glitch in your installation. I’ve been working with DTPro for quite a while and never had this problem. From what I’ve seen, Christian would never let this grievous a glitch slip through to a release - and certainly not a public one.

Try a bit of maintenace or a reinstallation.


Another guess, although quite unlikely:

Have you changed your browser to Firefox at the same time? Some browsers do not send the URL to DT, so it is better to use Safari, OmniWeb or other browsers which use the WebKit – I suppose it is the webkit.

URLs are captured on my machine.


Thanks for the suggestion, Maria. I installed DevThinkPro on my laptop to test whether it was a configuration issue.

I do now get the URL passed from Safari (and picked up when saved from within DTPro), but still not from NewsNetwire which uses Webkit.

I had no troubles at all under PE – in fact saving excerpts using the ‘take rich note’ service from NewsNetWire to PE was my main use of the program.

I haven’t changed my configuration or browsers at all (Safari only). So I can only assume that there is something that Pro is doing that is different from the PE approach in this area.

I’d be grateful if other NetNewsWire users would let me know if they have the same problem.

(Incidentally, I’ve tried the script that saves the current RSS selection in NNW to DTPro. It works fine, capturing the URL as well as the RSS body. But it’s not the same as being able to select a section of a web page).


Same with me. NetNewsWire does not capture the URL at my machine, Safari does.

Which script is that?

I too have been having the same problem. The rich text note key command is gone from DTP and is now showing up under Hog Bay Notebook. It would be a nice feature if we could assign our own key commands.


It seems there are a relatively small number of keyboard shortcuts available for Services, especially if you’ve got a lot of Cocoa applications installed. Some people use QuickKeys or similar utilities to get around this, as the new shortcuts can be made specific to an application if necessary.

If you still have DEVONthink PE installed on your computer, and look under the Services menu for it, you will likely see that it still has the shortcut for capturing a rich note. If so, archive it (zip it), leave the archived file in place for your convenience if you want to return to DT PE, delete the application file, then log out/login or reboot.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bill. What is interesting about this is that the DTP key comand is the same as PE but is not showing up with DT. Hog Bay Services was there with PE and I did not have this problem.

I don’t even try to use OS Services keyboard shortcuts, because I’ve always got two or three versions of DT (Pro and PE) installed for support purposes.

Doesn’t bother me, because I do all my Web captures either from DT Pro (I’ve got a big bookmarks collection of my routinely visited Web sites, such as scientific journals), or DEVONagent (which holds an import of my Safari bookmarks). I find the choices, quickness and ergonomics of Web captures using contextual menu options in these apps much better, anyway. :slight_smile:


I would like to share your joy about the DT and DA web browsers. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to correct the encoding of a certain page, so it is impossible to read most of the Japanese pages I browse. I would already be happy with a command to instantly change the encoding, but a solution like OmniWeb, with encodings stored for certain sites, would be even better.

I know, there should be no problem with encoding if the web sites are done correctly, but most are not.

A bit off topic I am afraid, but quite important for the East Asian part of the world,

Maria :cry:

Hi, Maria:

Point taken.

And I remain in awe at your facility with languages.


The script I mention is in the ‘additional scripts’ folder of the Scripts folder in the DevThink Pro distribution.

Sorry to hear you have the same problem …