Take Rich Note not working

After watching Matthew McCullough’s video (posted on Devonian Times 2/21/2013) I tried to experiment with pulling rich text into DTP using Command-Shift-0. Command-Shift-9 (import plain text) works. I’ve looked at Services/Keyboard Shortcuts and both commands are checked. This shortcut would make my workflow much more efficient. Any suggestions? Thanks! Diane

The first thing you will want to check is to see if the problem is with the service or the service shortcut. Select some text and right-click to confirm that Services>DEVONthink Pro (Office)>Take Rich Note is an available option. If so, confirm that the shortcut was not deleted/changed by going back into Services/Keyboard Shortcuts and see if ‘⌘)’, or command-shift-0, is the assigned shortcut.

Both Chrome and Firefox identify the “Take as Plain Note” function (tested - works) but neither recognize “… Rich Note” - although it is included in the System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts list. I even restored default shortcuts to be sure I hadn’t thrown things out of whack when I first went into System Prefs to figure out what was wrong.

Confirming @djakacki’s report – the DEVONthink “rich note” services are not appearing in Chrome or Firefox, just the “plain note” services appear in the service menus for those browsers. Both plain and rich text services appear in Safari’s service menu. Over here, all of the DEVONthink “take…/append…” services are active in system Keyboard Shortcuts.

(10.8.2 and the current releases of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox as of today.)

I just tried it myself in Chromium and no surprise, the take Rich Note service does not appear there either.

That’s why I don’t use Chrome or Firefox to capture data to DEVONthink. Neither handles Services properly.