Take Rich Text Notes from selected Plain Text via Services

I cannot take Richt Text Notes from selected Plain Text via the Services Menu (only plain text notes from plain text). Is there a reason for this? I would like to take Rich Text Notes from Plain Text too, because most of the time i do some formatting afterwards in DevonThink.
Also i would to like to convert Rich-Text Documents to Plain-Text Documents (and vice versa) via the Data-Convert-Menu.

Louise :unamused:

You can’t squeeze blood (rich text) from a turnip (plain text). :slight_smile:

You can use Format > Make (Plain or Rich) Text to convert rich text to plain text or vise versa. The keyboard shortcut is Shift-Command-T.

I usually work in rich text because text can have formatting and images can be included. Of course, if one converts rich text to plain text, formatting and images disappear.

I have a related issue. I have recently done a clean install of my hard drive and have reinstalled all software. Only difference was going 10.4.3 to 10.4.4. For some reason, now I can’t access DEVONthink Pro via the contextual menu > Services > Add to DEVONthink Pro. Is their a CM plug-in that I’ve missed installing for DTP? :question:

Both DEVONagent and DEVONthink Pro add services on their own to contextual menus, no plugin required. But in other applications third-party add-ons like Icecoffee are necessary.

O.K. thanks a lot, Bill. 8) I knew i had done this once… So i mixed up Data > Convert and Format > Make (Plain or Rich) Text…

But you could color the turnip bloodred :blush: (apply the rich text format from the DevonThink Preferences to the plain text).


Thanks so much. I had installed IcECoffEE a while back and had forgotten all about it. Reinstalling it has resolved the issue. What a useful little program. Thanks for the help!

The next release will support this.