taking a note

When I highlight a selection of text in a pdf and take a note or append more selected text to the note, I’d like to include information as to the page (in the pdf) that the selection comes from. As it stands, when I want to cite a piece of text that I’ve sent or appended to a note, I have to search through the original doc to find the page number to use the in citation.

when I’m taking or appending the note, I’d like to be able to add a small note to the text.

Can this be done?


Or is it possible to highlight two (or more) pieces of discontinuous text so that I can highlight a bit that I want to send or append to a note and also highlight the page number, which will be in another spot on the page, and send them both at the same time.

my current work around is to send or append the page number for every page so that it appears in the note I’ve taken as markers, delineating which text came from which page.

There are scripts posted in the forum to do these things. If you have time to use the Advanced Search feature of the forum to look for terms such as “annotation”, “script”, “notes”, etc., you will find them. There are also several blogs (including the DEVONtech blog) that discuss techniques. Sorry not to post the links here for you – not enough time – though numerous conversations have occurred here and elsewhere, which can be found easily.