Taking a Rich Note off the web

I love the Menu Services ability for taking rich notes of text off the web. But usually I want to get only the text, not the graphics also on the same page. And sometimes, given the way a page is laid out, it is very difficult to just select the text alone.

I was wondering if there is a way to select the entire web page (Command-A) and then take the rich text note such that the graphics are stripped out automatically by the time it appears in DTPro?


Hi, Craig. Not that I know of.

But if you don’t mind losing hyperlinks and formatting you can capture the page as plain text. Select the entire page, then press Command-( (the Services command to capture plain text).


Actually, that works just fine for what I want. I’m so habituated to rich text, it never occurred to me. Doesn’t look as nice, but… : )

I can always fancy up how the text looks once I get it!

Thanks very much,