Taking note with web link

Last week I posted the following question here:

[url]Take a rtf note with the web link]

My question was in response to this, which suggested what I am trying to do is possible:

Would much appreciate help.

Any solution yet? With growing use of mobile internet, this lack of being able to clip to DT become more and more of a serious issue for me.

iOS isn’t as “big” as OS X. Safari on mobile devices doesn’t yet support extensions like its counterpart in OS X.

If I select a portion of a Safari page and copy it, I.can paste the clipping into DTTG, in rich or plain text note. But images are not included, nor is the source URL captured. This doesn’t meet my needs.

I’ve settled on using the Safari HTML bookmarklet to capture a page to DTTG. That works. After syncing to the Mac, I might redo the capture with another option.

I was just about to ask about the same thing here :slight_smile:

I was looking for a way to clip into DTTG from Safari on iOS devices and when I saw nothing promising, I decided to look at what way competitors have it :wink: and here is how Evernote guys did it (the second half of the article) https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/2517/Workarounds-for-Clipping-Web-Pages-into-Evernote-on-iOS.

Is there any way we can see the same in DTTG? I’d love to be able to paste URL into new note and click it from there and clip into DTTG with source and all the other metadata in place.

I tried this way with DTTG and it doesn’t work like that at the moment. In fact pasted URLs are not really links in DTTG, which is a pity.

Feature request I guess :slight_smile: