Taking notes from youtube

I archive a youtube video bookmark in DT3, than I watch/listen to it… (from inside DT3)
Would it possible to take note in a way linked to that bookmarked video?

Sure. Select the bookmark in. your database. In the Annotations & Reminders panel, create an annotation. For example, using the default markdown annotation template. And there you go. The annotation contents is shown in the Annotation panel and the underlying file, linked to the bookmark for the video, is stored in the Annotations folder in your database.

Here’s an annotation made from a bookmark linking to the thread you started.

Read the manual for more tips.


Here’s a tip to make annotations more useful, particularly markdown annotations.

This will only work if the inspector is open and showing annotations, and assuming an annotation has already been created.

The annotations drop-down menu in the annotations inspector includes an Open command, default shortcut control-option-command-O. That will open the annotation in a Devonthink edit window, which is particularly helpful for markdown annotations since you’ll get rendered, source/editable, and split view options.

Everything can have an annotation - groups, tags, or documents. In the case of replicant instances, all have the same annotation.

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