Dear all,

For some tapping into the document to switch to editing mode happens too often accidentally, at least for PDFs. However, others prefer this behavior for text; others don’t like it for Markdown. What would be your preference?

P.S. No, we don’t want to make it a preferences switch to avoid feature clutter.

I assume that ‘text’ includes both rich and plain text? Is an option to tap into all text (plain, rich, and Markdown) and explicitly tapping the edit button for PDFs being considered? Markdown is after all, a text document. I have other thoughts on the Edit button and Markdown documents that I will post in a different thread to avoid taking this one somewhat off-topic.

Markdown is a text document but it’s first shown rendered and tapping into it doesn’t set the caret at the tapped position as it could be at a completely different position after switching views.

I find the approach readdle choose with “PDF Expert” quite intuitive.
There are two ways to start editing:
1 Select text and then choose one of the editing options (underline, etc) in the pop-up menu
2 Tap the edit button explicitly
Furthermore they distinguish between finger and apple pencil.

In my case, I’d prefer to have to tap edit explicitly. There are times when I just want to select and copy some text and it frustrates me that I tap to select and instead it starts editing which brings up the keyboard either obscuring what I was trying to select or moving it up (not just an issue with DTTG but with all apps that do this).

Having said that I believe it’s important to be consistent so I’d go with tapping edit for all document types.

Why not making it a setting for everyone to choose the most suitable option?

Version 2.0.5 will disable tap-to-edit in favor of explicitly using the Edit button.

I suggest that when Edit is pressed, the document go into edit mode and the button change its name to Preview. When Preview is pressed the document leaves edit mode. And so forth. I.e., Edit / Preview is a toggle button. For every editable document type – e.g., for .pptx or .xlsx there is no Edit/Preview mode.