target group for Capture items?

When using Capture the new item ends up (inconveniently) at the “home” level.  Most of the time I’d prefer it were in the same group as the original item, which I often delete after the Capture.

Could a preference be added for specifying the target group (including "current group") for Capture?  Thanks.

Version 1.8 stores them in the same group if "Home" is selected (actually the option has been renamed accordingly).

Yep, it’s nicer in 1.8. Could a similar change be made for Convert, too, so RTF(D) documents end up in the same group as the original? Thanks.

That’s actually a bug - will be fixed in v1.8.1.

Any possibility of the print command, "Saving to DEVONthink", having a popup specifying a target group? ???

This is not possible (due to limitations of the scripting facilities of DT PE).

I am very new to DevonAgent and Think, but using DA tonight, I found myself frequently saving search-result web pages to D-Think – but there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify the group that a page is saved to. Am I missing something?

DEVONthink preferences/Notes offers several options, including automatic classification.

But (especially when I’m working with new topics) my preference is to create a group I name “Edit These Items” and specify this group in DT preferences as the destination for new notes. That’s where DA will send them. Then I can go to DEVONthink and move the items into appropriate groups.