Task List Template

I like the Templates in DTPO and trying to learn more about how to use them and I would like to use the Task List template to try :confused: to keep track of all the things I think of that I should do, ideally I would like it also to notify me, preferably by email, of target dates for completion. The sort of thing would be for me to write down a task with a target date and for me to get a notification either by email or an onscreen notification, say a week before the task date. if anyone can work out if this is possible I would be most grateful. I am quite happy to use automator if needed. Many thanks.

Why not use something free you might already have (such as Reminders in Mountain Lion) or iCal, or something someone has already developed … there are dozens and dozens of task list and reminder solutions in the App Store, with all manner of features.

Look also at the Reminders scripts that come with DEVONthink. The “Add as To Do in Reminders” script is very useful, for example, because it includes a link to the document about which you want to be reminded. Because Reminders works across all your devices on the same iCloud account, and docs can be synced to DTTG, the link can be active on your desktop and on your i-Device if you have one. I doubt anyone could do better with something kludged up in Automator.

Thanks you Korm, i will give your suggestions a try, my mind is so focused on DTPO at the moment I forget al the other apps I already have!