TaskPaper reminder script error message


There is a bug with the TaskPaper reminder script. When it fails it displays an error message that refers to a different task manager.

Yes, I am using the right script - the error message is the bug.

Screenshot attached
Screen shot 2011-10-07 at 00.58.08.png

Which version of TaskPaper do you use?

It’s not a TaskPaper error. The error is on line 66 of Add as To Do of TaskPaper.scptd:

display alert (localized string "Error when adding item to The Hit List") message errMsg

Should be

display alert (localized string "Error when adding item to Task Paper") message errMsg

This script was cloned from the The Hit List script; the error message wasn’t updated.

Ah, now. It thought it was a more serious bug :slight_smile: Corrected here for the next release. Thank you for mentioning this to us!