Template for "New Rich Text"

How can I define a template for the “New Rich Text” function in DevonThink?
Or: how can I change the font and other attributes for the default rtf document in DevonThink?

I am using Nisus as texteditor and I do all writing, even most notetaking, in Nisus. All my rtfs get edited in Nisus. I would like to be able to create a new rtf in DevonThink that already has the right font, the right page layout, margins, etc. How can this be done?

You can create your own templates and save them in the DT Application Support folder ‘Templates.noindex’. Then use the ‘Data>New From Template>YourTemplate’ menu to create a new document with the styles that you have saved in the template.

The best approach is to use File > Export > as Template…

Thank you Greg and Christian for the suggestions.
It would mean that I had to go through the menu each and every time I whish to create a new rtf with my styles.

Instead I would like to instruct DevonThink to use a template when clicking on the button “Rich Text”. How ca this be done?

The new Rich Text function uses the system-wide styles from the OSX text toolbox. You can setup styles there that will also be available in other applications that share these styles (TextEdit, etc.). There was a recent discussion of this in this thread that may be helpful.

You can make a shortcut to make new documents based on your RTF template. After creating the template using Christian and Greg’s advice, it will be in your Data > New from Template menu. Open System Preferences > Keyboard and create an Application Shortcut for DT using the name of your template as the “Menu Title” in the shortcut dialog.

–> See the detailed instructions for making app-specific keyboard shortcuts in Finder > Help > Mac Help under the topic “Creating keyboard shortcuts for applications” Just be careful not to make a shortcut that conflicts with an existing DT shortcut.

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Maybe not in Snow Leopard but I think it’s often/always necessary in 10.5 and the 10.6 version of the help document still claims it is.

In SL it’s not necessary. How strange of Apple to publish incorrect documentation. :wink:

Thank you for this solution.

  1. Try: I create my rtf-template in Nisus and copy it into my database. Open in Devon’s rtf editor. This editor does not support footers. So footers are gone for good when I export as template.

  2. Try: I create my rtf-template in Nisus and copy it directly to …/Templates.noindex. New File from Template creates a new file in the selected group, renamed to “name-1”. Now header and footer are present as such but the pagination I put in the footer is gone for good. Devon is changing my template when creating the new file.