Template with Smart Groups

Hi, I have a reoccurring structure with year and groups. Below the groups I have smart groups filtering the data via name according to the year of the current group and the month. It looks like this:
—Outgoing Invoice
— ---01 Jan
— ---02 Feb

This structure is needed for a couple of years and a couple of groups like the Outgoing Invoice. And on top, I need it for seven different databases. I have created a template out of my structure but when I created it again e.g. for 2018, I still need to change all conditions of 01 Jan etc. in each folder and every database.

Can I somehow automates that? DT needs to have variables I can refer to it… Is it possible with a script to change the conditions of a smart group?

Can you clarify what this means, “change all conditions”? A screencap may help.

Not yet but a future release will definitely support this.

I have to change the “Search in folder…” setting and then the condition to 2018, 2017 etc.
Isn’t there a “smarter” way to do that instead of manual adjustments?

Not at this time, but as Criss mentioned, there are some things coming in the next major version that address things like this.

Patience is needs, ok…Thank you.

Reopening this question as it comes up for me now with DT3.

Can a template structure for a new group include smart groups that “search in” the new group created by the template and change the smart group “search in” field when I rename the new group? is there a different / better way to accomplish?