Templates for notes from academic sources?


Very new to DT, but really enjoying getting to know it.

I read and take notes from a lot of academic books and journals and need to keep track of the sources etc for those notes. Before I go to the trouble of trying to create my own templates, does anyone know of some available templates for academic research?

Ideally I would like different templates for quotations, paraphrases and summaries, each recording the citation, pages, my notes on the snippet etc. In a perfect world, some of the fields would self-populate with default text based on the same information as recorded in the previous note (since you tend to enter a lot of note on the same article all at once, it saves a lot of time if you don’t have to type out the source info every time).

Shouldn’t be hard to make, and I’ll do it myself (and share here), but first I just thought I’d ask if someone else already had done it.


I personally take a lot of my notes in Sente (highlit sections of PDFs are automatically captured into a quote field), and a script exports them from Sente to a standard record format (adjustable by editing a CSS file) in DEVONthink.

( Sister scripts export to the same DEVONthink record format from Skim, Mekentosj Papers 2 and Kindle annotations).

Thanks, that looks very interesting. I’ll check it out.