Templates return Error Message

When running the Project, Task or Web Browser templates (From Data|New) I get the error message “An Error occurred when adding a Document”

Doesn’t matter what db or group.
Retried with a brand new empty db, no change.
Reinstalled DTProOffice (2.0pb7) with no change.
The app is in the top level of my Applications folder.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to remedy this?

– added 30 minutes later –
I’m running Leopard 10.5.8

Also get this more detailed message when attempting to run the template Data | New | Note

Picture 2.png

– added a few hours later –

It may be something to do with AppleScript prefs or something…
When opening Web Browser document.templatescriptd for example, ScriptEditor throws this

Picture 1.png

And then opens the file normally for editing.
I’m able to open the DevonThink Pro.app script dictionary so I’m a bit puzzled as to why it throws that warning message.

Does anybody have any tips? Quite frustrating to not be able to use any templates… :frowning:


Turns out that I had never, ever changed my language settings (or at least not since my upgrade to Leopard) so I never had any GlobalPreference AppleLanguage value set. After a visit to SystemPreferences | International | Languages where I added British English and Deutsch (Ja, ich kann ein Bisschien Deutsch sprechen), the scripts seem to be working fine.

Maybe the scripts can assume the OS system installed language is the user language if there is no GlobalPreference AppleLanguage value in future releases.

Hope this helps anybody with this issue.

The next release will fix this. I did not presume that this variable can stay un-set. Bad mistake as it turns out :slight_smile:

I, too, thought that the OS would have set this on install.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. It’s appreciated.

And did I mention that DTProOffice 2 is really quite fantastic? Well, it is.
Absolutely fantastic. :smiley:

I sometimes get excellence fatigue and forget just how good it is.

Then I am confronted with some app (maybe on some alternative OS) and experience first hand just how poorly engineered and hastily designed software can be. And then I come back to DTPro/Agent and really see what a fine set of products you have created.

Thanks again!