I use a standard form to take notes. Is there a way to create a template of this form and keep it in my database for use when I take a note?

Just create a template document and duplicate it when necessary.

Thanks for the tip. This brings up the question of the difference between a duplicate and a replica. Are they not both just copies of the original document? If a duplicate is really an alias, wont changing the contents of a duplicate change the contents of the original document and all its duplicates?

A duplicate is not an alias. It’s a stand-alone copy of the original file and can be modified independently of the other duplicate(s) of that file.

A replicant isn’t the same as an alias, either. In the Finder, I can make an alias of a file, but the original file isn’t affected. If I delete the alias, there’s no impact on the original file. But if I delete the original file, the alias no longer has a reference file – it’s a powerless orphan.

But if I replicate a file, both instances of it are replicants. Changing one changes the other also. Either one can be deleted, and the other is no longer a replicant but a ‘normal’ document.