Temporary Documents

What are “Temporary Documents” and why am I getting them when I save webpages to DTTG as webarchive? It doesn’t happen every time and I’m not sure if it resolves over time, it’s late so I will see if they’re still there in the morning

A temporary document is essentially a bookmark of clipped content. That bookmark is then downloaded and resolved as the desired filetype.

A temporary document is essentially a bookmark of clipped content. That bookmark is then downloaded and resolved as the desired filetype.

What’s a URL that has caused this file to be created?

They’re still there, they haven’t resolved, here’s the first 4 URL’s, there are 7 more

Try them again. Poor WiFi or network could have caused the clipping to not complete.

In my Files app, they’re showing up with a big question mark and zero size

That’s what I had to do the other day, re-save them all but then it happened again so I figured I better reach out, I’ll re-save these but what if it keeps happening?

If it’s sporadically failing, it’s likely related to your connection, not DEVONthink To Go specifically.
Have you rebooted the device?

I actually did a full restore from back up prior to this starting, could that have something to do with it?

Why did you do a full restore? Was there a big enough problem on the device to necessitate that?

I was running out of storage, the system files and cache had grown too large and every once in a while I do a reset to recover space, it gets rid of all the cache that has built up in apps and the OS. DTTG went through a resync and reindex

I just figured out an easier way to reclip them, I tap on the temporary document, which can’t be displayed, but if I tap the share box there’s an option to “capture” the url along with the ability to select the file format

Strange, while trying to reclip the webpages using “capture” in the share options I discovered it was only really capturing every other item. It would create a file for every 2nd item and for the others it would display the webpage but no file was being created. I’m beginning to think this is a bug in the code and not my device or my internet connection

Finally got all items saved in the file format I wanted and now it’s see if it continues to happen on future clipping

Yes, if you can reliably and consistently reproduce this behavior… On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Just to add another data point, this is also happening to me. I’ve been using DTTG for a couple of years and this just recently started.

My experience: saving any web page as a web archive on my phone results in a “Temporary document” on DTTG on my phone. When I sync the documents to my iPad, they are displayed as “Unknown document”

As mentioned, this just recently started happening, but it’s quite frustrating. I’ll also drop a note to support.

I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, it’s still happening but not as much, but that could be because I haven’t clipped as many webpages the last couple days

Are you running DEVONthink To Go 3.6.3?

Yes on an iPad Air 3

Are you on your own network when this issue occurs?