Temporary halt on syncing indexed files

For reasons unrelated to Devonthink, my Dropbox needs to be “rewound” (restored) to a specific time yesterday.
My Devonthink databases are backed up to Dropbox (via Arq). I also have many Dropbox folders and files indexed to Devonthink. I’m purposely not making many changes to these files for now (and keeping track of the changes I do make). Should I be pausing the indexing until the rewind is complete? Or doing anything else?

Thanks for any advice.


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Based on the little information here, I would quit DEVONthink and restore the database too. I would open it only after the Dropbox stuff has been restored. That way you should be back to the same point for both.

Thanks, I just quit DT3. You mean restore the databases after the Dropbox fix has been done, correct?

Yes, if you’re indexing into more than one database.

However, it’s just one idea. More of a square one approach.