Temporary override link/copy PDFs to database

Most of the time, when I add a PDF to my database, it’s a scholarly article. Because I also have the article catalogued in Boookends, I like to link the file there as well. Hence, I have the “Link to Originals” selected in DTPro preferences. Occasionally, however, I don’t care about keeping in the filesystem. In fact, I want DTPro to have my only copy. Unfortunately, the only way to do this of which I am aware is to open the preferences, change my selection, add the file, and then change the preference back.

I would love to have either a key-override or an option to “import linked file to database” after it is done. Even better, I’d love to have someone tell me this is already possible. Or, I’d be willing to accept some reason why I’d want to change my approach. I’m open (although I of course prefer to have the world change to meet my whims rather than the inverse).