Apple’s new TestFlight feature for iOS beta testing might be useful for future releases of DEVONthink To Go. Up to 1,000 external beta testers can participate.

Just a suggestion.

Sounds indeed much more useful than the former options. But that Apple wants to review betas is… well … less than ideal (assuming that these reviews will cause delays of 1-2 weeks too but we’ll see)

I’m hearing the same thing from two other iOS developers that I work with. I’m curious if TestFlight is all or nothing for betas, or if developers can have a 3-tier beta system. Internal, core external test team (limited to 100 testers as before, no beta review by Apple), then the TestFlight for up to 1k public testers, Apple reviews the betas before release. That could be a very workable system for testing.

We are curious, too. We will keep an internal test team as long as possible but definitely welcome the opportunity to have a larger number of testers.

I volunteer.

Yeah Me too ++++1

I know this is not an official list… but I would certainly want to be among those testing any future releases of DTTG.

Sign me up!

Sign me up!

Yes please. I’ve just test flown Ulysses for iPad. It works well.

I am in too, just test flow OneSafe for iPad/iPhone.

Thank you for your interest and commitment. As soon as we’re about to start testing with TestFlight we’ll let you know here on the forum.

Have a good weekend!