Testing DTP Office -- a few questions


Great news! I’m downloading DTPro Office and I really want to try it to see if I’ll upgrade to it or not.

Now – here are my questions:

  1. Can I use it side-by-side with my DTPro 1.2.1? Will there be a conflict if I have both app installed and opened?

  2. Will DTPro Office allow several databases opened at the same time?

– MJ

I just found out the answer to my first question… on your pdf file that came along with the app dmg. Hm. Sorry about that. ‘:shock:’

It says:

“DEVONthink Professional Office is, technically DEVONthink Pro with some ex-
tensions. So, the databases are, of course, compatible. If you are using Automator, AppleScript, or the Services menu commands, you should trash the regular edition of DEVONthink Pro while you’re evaluating DEVONthink Pro Office to avoid confusion for both your Mac and yourself. You can revert to the ‘regular’
version of DEVONthink Pro at any time by simply trashing DEVONthink Pro-
fessional Office and reinstalling DEVONthink Pro.”

The second question is still valid, though. :slight_smile:

– MJ

Multiple databases is not part of the feature set of DTPO (our new acronym for this product). And won’t be with any 1.x release.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

The upgrade to DTPro / DTPO 2.0 will be soon, right? I think I read something like this year still?

I like the new features that DTPO has – the OCR capability is indeed great. It allows me to stop using other applications to do this, and basically make the process of scan > database > organize + search much easier. However, I have to check if the educational upgrade value will go with my wish to migrate to it.

Anyway, my greatest wish is the capability of having more than one database opened.

– MJ