testing DTPO

I’m trying the devonthink pro office demo. I have two question about the ‘import from scan’:

a) if I try to import as color photo all is ok. If I try to import as text, the image I got is a real poor quality, ever if I choose 600dpi. The text is hard to read and zooming I see it is very compressed, like a 72dpi… It is a scanner/osx problem or a devonthink one? the scanner is a epson perfection 2480 photo

b) after I scan the image and I press ‘store’, a window opens asking me the title of the file, my name, keywords, etc. If I write the title of the document and after I press TAB to jump to the next field, the name file I wrote is deleted and it goes back to Untitled. System 10.3.9

thanks for your support