Testing web access of DT Pro Office from IE8


I have used DT Personal for a long time, and I’m considering upgrading to Pro Office and hosting my documents for the other person in my company, who’s on Windows. He uses IE8. When I try to access the server from that browser, the interface doesn’t load, and I get a Javascript error.

Is this a known issue? if so, is there a fix in the works? The real reason for my upgrade is so that we can share documents, so if he can’t use it, then I’m kind of stopped.


Check out “Bonjour” on Apple’s Support Web site.

Haven’t checked lately, but in the past they have noted a free download for IE users that implements Bonjour on IE.

Hi Bill, thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, a search on Apple’s site for Bonjour only turns up Bonjour Print Services. Even though it didn’t sound like it would work, I downloaded and installed it on the Win machine anyway. It did not have any effect.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again.

At the moment the Cappuccino framework that we use for the web interface is not yet compatible to IE8. We will provide an update as soon as it is available.