I want to integrate TeX-Documnts by using TeXShop. But after importing the documents the are opened with SubEthaEdit. But TeXShop is Finders default! Is ther any way to change DT default?


Which extension do those files have and which extension do the files opened in TextEdit have? If they’re identical, the files should be still opened in TexShop (as DT tells OS X to launch the appropriate application). If they’re not identical, it’s a bug.

Extension is ".tex". And it works perfectly in Finder.


That’s strange if both the original file and the one opened within DT have a “.tex” extension because DT doesn’t decide on its own which application should be opened - OS X handles this and therefore this should be identical to the Finder’s behaviour. Or do the original files have an HFS file type too?

How can I check this?

There are some utilities to display/modify HFS type/creator codes available at VersionTracker but just stuff (!) one or more files and send them to us and I’ll check this. Thanks.

FileInfo (freeware) might work.  For something fancier I’d recommend XRay ($10 shareware), an expanded “Get Info” replacement.

Maybe the problem is that DT doesn’t copy the “.tex” file into the “Files”-Folder in the DT-Directory. DT is treating the “.tex” files as Text-Files. Which is actually o.k. They are Text-Files.

Normaly it should open with TeXShop. You can found it at: uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop.html

I send one stuffed file to the support email.


I’ve received the file and will check this - thank you!