Text capture problem with Safari 3.0.4

Although still on Tiger, since upgrading Safari to 3.0.4, I’ve realised that I can’t capture text to Devonthink by highlighting in Safari and using command-shift-right bracket. Clearly Safari is hijacking it, though I can’t work out what for.

If there a way around this, does anyone know?


Do you perhaps have more than one DEVONthink program in your Applications folder? If so, one of them can “hijack” the Services shortcuts from the other. If so, remove the second DEVONthink application from the Applications folder and logout/login.

Thanks for the reply Bill. No, though, is the answer. I’ve made no changes to Devonthink folder for ages. There’s only the one app in there.

The only thing that I’ve changed recently at all is Safari. If I try the shortcut in Textedit it will open Devonthink and clip the highlighted text beautifully (I’ve just double checked). It did it in Safari until a few days ago but no longer. Doesn’t seem to work in Firefox or Appleworks, having just tried it but I normally use it when browsing in Safari.

Safari now behaves differently. If I highlight text and press the key combination, it simply unhighlights the text. It didn’t used to do that. Would hope it would be as simple as Safari having changed but clearly not.

Just checked S-Book. That will let me highlight text and put it in Devonthink with the key combination. So will MacJournal.

What else can I try?

Try the menu command under Services > DEVONthink Pro to see if the service still works.

Question: Have you just installed a new version of DT Pro? You may need to logout/login in to have Services initialized. Try that anyway.

Do you have any Safari plugins installed that might be stealing the shortcut? When you type it do you notice any of Safari’s menu briefly flash that might help you find which command (if any) the shortcut is invoking?

I haven’t had any problems using the the DTP service shortcuts in Safari 3 but soon after updating to 10.4.11 I noticed the Shift-Command-F shortcut for the Spotlight service that I frequently use wasn’t working. Finally figured out Safari 3 uses that shortcut for the new Edit > Hide Find Banner command. Pretty lame when Apple creates conflicts between its own app and service shortcuts like that.

Thanks. Realising that when I pressed the shortcut the cursor appeared in the google box to the right of the top row of stuff (can’t think what the term is), I decided to check Acidsearch. For some reason that’s hijiacking that shortcut though I can’t find out what within it it is used for to turn it off.

However, in the interim, I have junked Acidsearch, useful though I find it and now I can clip from Safari happily.

Thanks again for the help.

Glad you figured out the cause. Not positive if there’s an AcidSearch preference to change/disable the conflicting shortcut since I’m not using that plugin anymore. There’s a screenshot on the developer page showing a Shorcut field under Selected Channel so that’s something you might want to check.