Text created in DTTG disappears

Hello all – hoping someone may be able to offer some suggestions here –

I’m having a problem with DTTG. Until very recently I have used it almost exclusively for “consumption” – i.e., as a “reader” of content that I add in DT3 Pro and that is then synced to DTTG. In the last few days I have begun using DTTG more extensively to actually add content, and have encountered the following problem:

I add text to the end of an existing RTF note in DTTG. I make sure to press the cloud sync icon a couple of times until the cloud icon remains blank. Later, the text that I just entered has disappeared, and also does not show up in DT3.

This has happened twice now – which (for me, and for my use case) makes DTTG unusable except for consumption. (But other times, the sync works as expected, even though AFAICT, I followed exactly the same syncing procedure. Also, I have never been aware of a sync problem from DT3 Pro → DTTG).

Is this an issue others have encountered? Are there known fixes?

I’m using:

iPhone X, iOS 14.6, DTTG 3.1.8

iMac 2017 21.5 inch, MacOS 11.4, DT3 Pro 3.7.2

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Did the file originate on this device or on another one?
    • If on another one, are you syncing with that device?

@BLUEFROG – thanks for the response.

The RTF file was created in DT3 Pro on the Mac indicated above. The two devices are synced via a DT encrypted sync store on Dropbox. As I said, I have not been aware of any issues in syncing (including for this this same file), from DT3 Pro on Mac → DTTG on iPhone. Also, no other issues at all for several years, with any other kind of Dropbox syncing between the two devices (I’m very sure of this).

In case this is relevant: One other device (a MacBook Air) has a DT3 Pro seat, and is also synced to DT3 Pro via the same encrypted store on Dropbox. But that device has not been opened in the last three-four days (which is the period during which I have, for the first time, started updating that RTF file on DTTG).

UPDATE: Just saw this other thread: Sync problem in DT3 where items do not download - #12 by agambrahma

Results of following the steps mentioned there:

  • I have sucessfully verified the database in question
  • I have “thoroughly verified” the sync store in question (succesfully)
  • The database and all files in it are not indexed
  • “Synchronize contents of indexed items” is enabled for the sync store, FWIW
  • I modified & saved the RTF file on the Mac and the modification (added text at the end) shows up in DTTG automagically via sync

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

  • So the Air wasn’t open and running DEVONthink, correct?
  • Is this consistently behavior reproducible, editing the RTF file in DEVONthink To Go and having the edits disappear after syncing?
  • What is your Settings > Sync: Conflicts set to in DEVONthink To Go?

That’s correct.

It’s happened twice in the time that I’ve been adding content to that file from DTTG (which has been only over the last three-four days). Other times, as I indicated, it has worked – I estimate that edits created on DTTG have synced successfully perhaps 6 or 8 times in that same period of three-four days. I just tested with a dummy edit on DDTG and that synced to DT3 Pro and did not disappear. Not sure if that counts as consistently reproducible.

I’ll continue to gather datapoints with dummy edits. But because of the uncertainty, I don’t feel I can use it for my “production” workflow.

This is set to “Duplicate”.

Thanks for any ideas…

UPDATE: The issue occurred two more times just now, interspersed with two successful syncs.

Hello again @BLUEFROG (and maybe @eboehnisch and @cgrunenberg ) –

Just wondering if I can file a support request on this? I have looked in the DTTG manual for how to do that – just wondering if it’s OK for me to do this, as I haven’t heard anything back, and this issue renders DTTG unusable for me from content creation. (I have therefore abandoned DTTG for note creation/editing, and am using Apple Notes instead, which works without issue across iOS and Mac).

I do appreciate that the issue I’m experiencing may be a fringe case related to the specifics of either my particular RTF document (it’s not large – 13.5 KB – but it does have a lot of background text coloring in it) and/or my network configuration. I also appreciate that it may be infeasible for a small team such as the DT team to troubleshoot fringe cases (if that’s what this is).

So perhaps filing a support request is not something that will serve any purpose or that you can process. Nevertheless, could I hear back from you with some guidance, please? Also, do you think it possible that this issue is related to RTF edittng on iOS – and that it could be addressed by the upcoming new RTF editor?

Thanks for any information –

More information is better than not enough. :slight_smile:
In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Also, if you could include the rich text file. And if the behavior is consistently reproducible, a screencast of it happening would be helpful.


@BLUEFROG – Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately, I can’t send the file as is, as it contains confidential information. I’ll create a redacted version, and start testing that version with new dummy entries, taking screencasts as I go. Then once I have all of that, I’ll upload it along with creating a support ticket from iOS. I’m assuming that it will be more useful to send you the information all together in this way, rather than piecemeal.

Will that work…? – thanks –

Yes, that will work.

@BLUEFROG – just an update on this, as it’s been a while. Creating the redacted version of the document is proving tricky, hence the delay in creating the support ticket. Will get that sent in just as soon as I can.

No worries!
Life gets busy and we all have more than enough to do!