Text created in DTTG disappears

@BLUEFROG – thanks for the response.

The RTF file was created in DT3 Pro on the Mac indicated above. The two devices are synced via a DT encrypted sync store on Dropbox. As I said, I have not been aware of any issues in syncing (including for this this same file), from DT3 Pro on Mac → DTTG on iPhone. Also, no other issues at all for several years, with any other kind of Dropbox syncing between the two devices (I’m very sure of this).

In case this is relevant: One other device (a MacBook Air) has a DT3 Pro seat, and is also synced to DT3 Pro via the same encrypted store on Dropbox. But that device has not been opened in the last three-four days (which is the period during which I have, for the first time, started updating that RTF file on DTTG).

UPDATE: Just saw this other thread: Sync problem in DT3 where items do not download - #12 by agambrahma

Results of following the steps mentioned there:

  • I have sucessfully verified the database in question
  • I have “thoroughly verified” the sync store in question (succesfully)
  • The database and all files in it are not indexed
  • “Synchronize contents of indexed items” is enabled for the sync store, FWIW
  • I modified & saved the RTF file on the Mac and the modification (added text at the end) shows up in DTTG automagically via sync