Text formatting in Rich Text after pasting a link

I’ve been a very happy DEVONthink user for the last few months but I have just one small peeve: after I paste a link into a Rich Text note, text I type in after it is also formatted like a link (blue + underlined) and I have to manually change back to generic formatting (every. time.). Is there any way around this?

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Did you copy this link in Chrome?

I’m in similar issue using DEVONthink. Generally in RTF how do you format your texts properly? Do you have to open the “Fonts” manually and select proper font and colors for each line of text? Is there kind of shortcuts like “format text to my default format”?
In many times I have decided to move from markdown to RTF but every time I was held back from having to format texts manually.

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You could use styles, see popup at the beginning of the format bar. It’s identical to e.g. TextEdit and supports also favorites.

Okay I’m looking into it. Thanks for your quick help!

Yes, that’s right. After seeing your reply I’ve tried pasting links from Safari as a test and I can see that they get pasted as plain text but they’re also not clickable. I’d rather not change browsers just because of this :slight_smile:

Where exactly did you copy and paste the link? Are smart links enabled?

I pasted it into the contents of a Rich Text note.

I had Smart Links disabled (still not sure what this option does!) but enabling them appears to fix the issue!

From Apple…