text search doesn't work for some hyperlinks

Hi. I am trying DEVONthink personal (1.9.4) for organizing my dissertation info.

I captured a web page in DT from PubMed. The authors names in the web page contain hyperlinks to a search of their names in the PubMed database. If I do a search of the authors names in DT, I get the results I expect-GREAT!. But, when I do aselect and “Take Rich Note” command on the web page in the browser, this page does not get returned in my search of the authors names.

Any reason why the hyperlinked author names in the archive get indexed correctly, yet the rich text does not? Is there any way around this? I would prefer to do a “Take Rich Note” command, rather than a “Capture Web Page” because you can select only the material you need. But it seems this document type does not get indexed fully.

In Apple’s Cocoa rich text, a hyperlink is NOT rich text, and can’t be searched as text.

Sorry about that, but that’s the way it is.

So if you capture as rich text, and some of the material (such as Author Names) is in the form of a hyperlink, you could copy that information as normal rich text to make it searchable. Copy the link string to the clipboard, paste it elsewhere in the document, select it and choose Format > Remove Link.

Tip: Make your Info panel visible, then copy and paste the hyperlinked text into the Comments field, where it will be stored as plain (searchable) text. Include Comments in all your searches.

Tip: I keep my Info panel always visible to the right of my Windows, and expanded to that it uses the full screen height. On my 20" screen, the Comment field looks relatively large and is always accessible. So the Vertical Split becomes a different 3-panes view: Group and document names on the left, the document window in the middle, and the Info panel on the right.

Bill, these were excellent suggestions. They solved my problem. Thank you.

I actually think I am beginning to grasp DEVONthink. Very powerful software!