Text size: DT2 RSS reading

I like the fact that DT has a built in RSS reader. It makes it easy to read RSS feeds. Except when it doesn’t, like when the text is too small.

I have DT set up for widescreen / 3 pane interface. Some RSS feeds have text that is a reasonable size. Others don’t–the text is pretty small. Of course you can manually increase the size of text in the reading window (ctrl-command-arrow).

But is there a way to change this (override the feed-specified text size) for all feeds/windows? I believe DT uses CSS for formatting of RSS feeds. If so, does anyone know what is the style used to control the font and text size in the reading window so I can try editing it? (I know I know: probably shouldn’t do this, shut DT down before you even think of this, your skin may fall off, etc)



That’s correct but only if the feeds don’t override the default settings. Just send me the URL of an affected feed and I’ll check this.