Text sources

Why don’t we exchange some source of knowledge to be used to build a good and general DT database?

For example I imported some texts from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Gutenberg but i am unable to find a good and free english dictionary.

For italian users: http://www.liberliber.it/

Free English dictionaries:
American Heritage, 4th ed: bartleby.com/61/
WordIQ: wordiq.com/
WordNet: wordnet.princeton.edu/
OneLook: onelook.com/
Online Etymology: etymonline.com/
148 more listed at LII, Librarian’s Index to the Internet lii.org/

Thank you howarth but the sources you posted aren’t downloadable nor searchable within DT database :frowning:

If you are offline they are worthless.

xizzy, don’t forget OS X’s built-in dictionary. It’s available in rich or plain text documents by selecting a word and Control-clicking. (But it’s not available in PDF or HTML documents via Control-click.)

The built-in Dictionary is available online or offline.

You may also select a word in those rich/plain documents and press F7, which pops up a small window with a definition, and a tab to press if you want to see the relevant page of Dictionary or Thesaurus.

PS: sorry, xizzy, I didn’t understand that you wanted offline access.

Or you can hover the cursor over a word and hit command-control-D to summon the dictionary or thesaurus. Or use a widget.

For some reason, F7 didn’t work for me; maybe I don’t have the function keys on my PowerBook properly enabled?


Sorry, I forgot that you have to set that in System Preferences.

  1. Blue Apple: System Preferences
  2. Keyboard & Mouse: Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. check box: Dictionary and Look up in Dictionary: Shortcut F7

From that point on, any rich or plain text will respond to the Select: F7 command.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the mini-Dictionary window to appear, but it will.



Great! This dictionary software is amazing!

I LOVE MACOSX ! :slight_smile:

Anyway my poor english stops me to clearly explaining my thougts: this thread originally aimed to publish some free text sources of various books. The purpose is very simple: create DT databases with, for example, all the Shakespeare works or the old Encyclopedia Britannica :slight_smile: