Textfiles >4MB slows down DTPro

any suggestions how to speed up DTPro when using ASCII-text files view?
I have a lot of text files greater than 1MB (up to 4.5MB). Some rtf, some ascii only.
When searching, displaying those files, DTPro becomes unsuitable. The system slows down, spining ball etc.
Opening the same file within Apples text app or any other text viewer is light years faster.
PDF-files within this range of size are no problems at all.
(TI-PBook, 1GHz, 1GBRam, 5400rpm Hdisk; OS 10.4.5 to .7)

Which search options & term did you use? Probably the highlighting of the occurrences is causing the slowdown (or just send me an example file and I’ll check what’s causing the issue).

Due to the very helpful help of cgrunenberg the problem could be reduced to a memory problem. It seems that to less memory is left on my PBook.
Thank to cgrunenberg for his help :smiley:

(anyone needs an TI-Book? good priced, good conditions…) :wink: