Thank you for the updates in DT3.5.1

There are many many very useful updates in DT3.51 in such a short time after the DT3.5 release. Thank you very much.

I particularly like:

  • Size of text in the inspector (good for eyes)
  • Restore previous main view selection (easy workflow switching)
  • Index on the rendered text of markdown (more accurate search)
  • Fix on search URL
  • Log message with records for a reveal
  • The retrieval of record’s properties in one go.

It seems this update has taken care of many different types of users, from those who look for the convenience of UI and file/note management and web clippers, to enthusiastic users of smart rules and scripters.

Never thought so many great features can be rolling out in just 1 year.

Indeed we usually try to fix all bugs as soon as possible (unfortunately this is not always the case, e.g. if it’s an issue of the system or of a third-party component) and to improve most areas of the app depending on feedback.

Thanks for your nice feedback and all your scripts too :slight_smile: