Thank you very much for V2.0.7

Hi Team,
thank you for updating the App - I already enjoy PDF annotation on my 12,9" iPad Pro without freezing the App :slight_smile:
Happy new year!

We have been working extra hard to get one more build out for the year. Happy Hlidays to you and yours as well!

First time posting here / Long time lurker…

I’ve been wanting to extend my deepest gratitude as well for DTG for a while now but moreover, thank you for all of it… everything you make.

I do a lot of creative writing (which always seems like a struggle even when it’s going well) and your software is the only stuff (out of many) I’ve tried which always seems to get the whole thing going/working…

All that to say… my tools are important to me… your software is the most important tool I own. Thank you.

please forgive if this is the wrong thread to gush over DT… as I said it’s my first post here… I’ll do search for the “gush thread”

@kld210: Gushing is fine here. :mrgreen: Thanks for your kinds words too. It’s always nice to hear our labors having a good effect on the lives and work of people. Much appreciated.

Thanks from another happy user - I’m using DTTG 2 in my daily teaching of computer science and it is the best tool in my arsenal - I’m loving the new page links in PDFs.

Well done and have a great new year (and festivus!)


I’m putting up the Festivus Pole right now! :mrgreen:

+1. I’ve been an enthusiastic user of DTPO for several years. But having DTTG makes it really invaluable to me. I’m in DT dozens of times a day and my life is so much more organized. Thanks for all your hard work.


Thanks, Henry! Happy Holidays to you and yours, from all of us :smiley: