Thanks! DEVONthink and Agent are a life-saver!

I’m finally getting my digital life together and it feels good! Your software is also getting me going again on my book I’m writing. It’s just the thing I needed! Combine DEVONthink and agent with Scrivener, you’ve got a near-perfect set of writing tools that allow me to get down to business. Research is a breeze now and the writing process is so much easier!

Excellent to hear! As you develop more ‘routine’ workflows using DA and DT, please do consider posting these details for others to read about. I, for one, enjoy reading about how, specifically, people use both applications. :smiley:

Well, I can share some thing with you now. When I first started using Scrivener, I thought its ‘Research’ folder would do the trick for what I was doing. But, as Keith pointed out, Scrivener isn’t really designed to be used as an ‘everything’ bucket.

The ‘Research’ folder in Scrivener seems more ideal for putting your condensed, finalized notes into after you’ve finished the whole research and scribbling process and you’re ready to start putting it all together in the first draft.

I was doing this in Scrivener at first and Scrivener’s workflow isn’t too good for trying to research and write at the same time. What I needed was something like DEVONthink and agent where I could go away from my WIP and research,write notes and collect stuff.

Looking at your WIP in Scrivener, with it’s complete book/chapter layout and formatting, can be a bit too distracting and confusing for me.

With DEVONthink, I simply create RTF note files based on different topics in my book while I’m doing my research. I can use my RSS feeds and Apple Mail in DEVONthink and searches in DEVONagent to help push me along and help me better focus on writing down stuff for one idea at a time. I’ll dump all of this into my WIP in Scrivener once I’m satisfied with the amount and then start the whole drafting process.

That’s what I call smart. :smiley:

“DEVONthink Pro, Scrivener and OmniFocus.”
My Workflow is now complete.

this is really helpful. Can you say a little more about how you use RSS feeds in devonthink and if there is any special way you organize your notes so you can move them over to scrivner easily?


OmniFocus looks really cool. I have something similar called Process.

What I did was exported my RSS feeds as a .opml file out of Times. Then I was able to import the file into DEVONthink.

I had a database already set up and open for my book project so I imported the .opml file and DEVONthink automatically set up the RSS feeds inside that database under the other files.

You can set how you want to view the RSS feeds in your database. I use the three-pane view and the Default.rss style sheet setting as you get nice readable text and small pictures when you click on the feed. The feeds are presented email style in the top pane and opens the page in the bottom pane. You can then select pictures and text to clip and file away anywhere in your database you choose.

Probably the best way to store your files in DEVONthink is in RTF format if you’re using Scrivener. If you have your WIP folders (chapters/scenes/characters, etc…) set up in set up in Scrivener, simply recreate them in your database in DEVONthink. Then add your RTF files you create in DEVONthink to the Scrivener folders. You can drag the RTF files back to the Scrivener folders when you’re ready to start putting that first draft together.