Thanks for the latest version (and a user tip)


I’d just like to thank the team for the latest version of EasyFind, which I is a very useful and much used application.

I currently have a couple of graphic applications which have a lot of resource files in them which can be hard to keep track of. As I keep these applications in the main ‘Applications’ folder on my hard drive, I found that when the main ‘Applications’ folder was selected from the EasyFind search location drop down menu, the search for a specific resource file took a moderate length of time to complete.

What I did was to create an alias for each resource folder in the graphic applications, and moved the alias icon to the root? level on the hard drive. The next time I launched EasyFind, the aliases showed up in the search location list. By selecting the alias to the folder I wanted to search from the drop down list, my search results became virtually instantaneous :slight_smile: