The "Capture as Markdown" is DEVONthink's greatest feature

Are there any plans for this to operate as a local (rather than network-based) service at any stage?

And also, can I point to a page that isn’t being captured for me, for some reason? … a-and-iran - what’s throwing me a little here is that capturing it as a PDF or even Webarchive is capturing an entirely blank page, with just a single link at the top.

Due to the way websites can be constructed and content delivered, the clutter-free option won’t work with every site.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll have a look as soon as we work on the decluttering service next.

Thank You, Jim and Eric.

It usually does a remarkable job of capture, and I appreciate what an incredibly difficult task it does - that link surprised me as usually Guardian captures are perfect. Perhaps that URL uses a different template Ming model, but I found it odd that all the capture encapsulation approaches gave pretty much the same results odd, which is why I flagged it up here.

Capture is the main function that sold me on DT - it is a remarkable and brilliantly implemented feature.

Thanks for the kind words. Developing clipping technologies is a bit like “Achilles and the Tortoise" :smiley: but it’s something we will be revisiting in the future, as time permits. Cheers!

We have updated our decluttering service now and it loads the Guardian page as expected (minus a broken image but that seems to be related to the way they embed pictures).

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