The Convert Command


I’m trying to convert a DT plain text document to a DT rich text document. The dictionary says

Function Syntax
set theResult to convert reference ¬
record record ¬
to to

What exactly is the first reference referring to? I think I understand the ‘record’ and ‘to’ paramaters as being the record to convert and the format to convert it to (i.e. rich). But I don’t know what the first parameter (reference) is?

Any help would be appreciated.

Just ignore the reference and use something like…

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theSel to the selection
	repeat with theRecord in theSel
		convert record theRecord to text -- or rich text
	end repeat
end tell

Warning: I’m not sure if v1.0.2 already supports the conversion of plain texts to rich texts but v1.1 will support this definitely.

No luck with v1.0.2, I’ll try it with v1.0.1 - thanks for your help

You mean 1.1?

Likely as v1.1 will introduce this.