The database has disappeared

I have two database files and suddenly I can’t find them.
It’s usually stored in the folder databases, did they just run off somewhere else on their own.
I think I may have had a problem when I backed up the data to the removable drive, but I don’t know how the problem occurred.
Anyway, now that I can’t find it, I don’t know what else I can do, so I’m here to ask an engineer for advice.

Ís it possible that you moved the databases to this drive instead of copying? You could search via Spotlight or EasyFind for databases (extension .dtBase2 or .dtSparse if encrypted) on all volumes.

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How did you do this, e.g., via a backup application or drag and drop?

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Thank you guys!
I got my database back with data recovery software and the problem is solved!

I use a software called goodsync to do the backup.
I don’t know if there are any problems with this software for backing up databases.
I just choose to do a one-way backup from source to destination, and the software detects which files are modified and then starts the backup.
Is there a problem with this software?

I’m unfamiliar with it. I’ll have to look.

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Are you running a scheduled backup? I would not use the real-time backup for your databases.