The "default database" ??

When I’m in Mail, for example, and want to send a message to DTPO, I use the Apple script “add message(s) to DEVONthink” (I’m using pro office). The message ends up in the last opened database (assuming no database is currently open). I would have thought that was what the default database is for. Guess not. Same thing for another script (copy selection to incoming).

So what is the default database for? I wish to reach enlightenment!

(I tried a search in the Pro Office manual and in the forum - the manual had no reference to the default database, and the forum produced countless hits, all worthless - at least the ones I read through.)

  • Pierre

Well… using DEVONthink help (not the manual), I got the answer. Not at all what I would have though “default” means.

Now I am enlightened!!

Oh, after some experimenting - if DT remains open, but no database is currently open, then an email sent to it goes to the last opened database. If DT is not open, then the email is sent to the default database. I can live with that.

Closing all windows does not close the database. This means that if “DT remains open”, you’ve probably closed all windows but not the last used database.

It’s recommended that you designate one of your databases as the default, so that DT will always open with a database.

If a default database has not been designated, a script or another application may try to send information to DT. But if DT had been quit and is launched by the script or application, there will be no database to receive the information, hence the attempt to send data will fail.