The DT3.5 sidebar can't retain the last selected group/operation in each database?

First, thanks to DT for allowing to disable unify databases that is of additional convenience (at least to me).

However, I wonder if the new feature (disable unify databases) will/should retain the last selected group (or search) in each database while switching among databases? E.g. I am working in group A1 in database A, then use the sidebar to switch to database B and work in group B1. When I use the sidebar to switch to database A again, it seems that the active view is the root of database A again - instead of group A1.

Am I missing anything? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback! By restoring the last selected group it would be difficult to easily switch to the top level of a database actually but maybe we’ll add such an option.

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I think having such option would be of great value! Thanks :grinning: :clap: :clap: