The expired-joke-popup in the previous beta was not so funny

Actually, I didn’t think that the automatic-updates-expired-popup-joke in the previous beta was that funny. :unamused:


Did I miss something?

I missed it, too, whatever/whenever it was.

It was a really funny pop-up saying that the automatic downolad of new updates has “expired”. With a “quit” button instead of the “download update” button. That was some fun that popup. Sorry you missed it.

Just speculating here, but it sounds like you ran the b5 version past the expiration date of July 31? When a beta expires, I expect that it becomes non-functional for everything, including downloading updates. I really doubt that the popup was a joke or was intended to be funny.

I’d expect it to be expired except for the function to download the update…

In any case, I forgot all about this as soon as I launched the new version and tried some of the new great features :smiley: