The fantastic upgrade to the plugin!

Thought I’d make everyone aware of the fantastic upgrade to the plugin (the Big Sur version). TLDR: you can now file individual mail messages into your desired target locations without leaving the keyboard!

Prior to this update you could only send individual emails to the Global Inbox through the plugin and I had to create a ton of smart rules to file emails correctly. Very often emails just piled up in the Global Inbox.

This upgraded plugin cuts a step, allows me to file with great accuracy and on the fly.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. In I select the email message that I want to file.

  2. With a pre-defined keyboard shortcut (I defined this using the System Preferences.) I launch the import plugin. This is equivalent to selecting Message:Add to Devonthink 3 in the Mail menu bar.

  3. I then press CMD-F (as in CMD-(F)ind) and the cursor will jump to the Search bar in the Import dialogue box that pops up.

  4. I start typing the name of the target location to file. The list of targets is filtered in real time.

  5. If I hit my target (that is, it is highlighted AND the Destination field next to the search bar is what I want), I just press Enter. Et voilà! Filed!

  6. If at anytime I see the target in the filtered list below the search bar but don’t want to keep spelling out the target, or if I have several groups of the same name, by pressing TAB, the focus jumps to the filtered list. Then I use the arrow keys to navigate to the one I want and press Enter. Done!

Thanks to the team for making yet another incremental, but thoughtful, improvement to DT3!

Thanks for the nice feedback! But the Mail plug-in hasn’t been upgraded for quite some time actually, only updated for new macOS versions. The feature you’re describing is enabled by Preferences > Import > Destination> Select Group and searching is supported in the group selector since version 3.0.

:crazy_face: Well I never… (and I’m the sort that reads manuals). In any case I hope my post will help spread the word!

Mine seems to have disappeared. How do I reenable the mail app plugin.

Check Mail’s Preferences > General > Manage Plug-Ins.

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