The file name seems to be truncated

I don’t know if anyone has encountered this problem, I indexed the local folder with DT, there is an MD file in this folder, I typed a sentence in this MD file and enclosed this sentence with [[]], by the template I set, DT generated a new MD with this sentence as the file name, but I found that if this sentence is long, viewing this file from within DT, the file name is complete, but when viewing this file from Finder, the file name is truncated … It seems that the maximum number of letters can be retained is 246? Is this the case for everyone?

As far as I know the maximum filename (name plus extension) length is 255 bytes. Finder and other apps don’t allow to save a file with a longer filename, DEVONthink obviously just cuts the name automatically.

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You may want to read this…

Thank you for your reply, it seems to be the case ~

Thx~ Originally I wanted to set the excerpted sentences to the file name, I feel that this will be more obvious, it seems to switch ideas.